# Build instructions

## Intended Hardware
This project is intended for the stm32f40x microcontroller.
The board is the Aeroquad 32 v2 board.

## copy settings-file before building

Copy the file : fc_settings_values.h.example to fc_settings_values.h

At this moment the timings in ms are there of the PWM signal from the transmitter.

*Make sure the props are not on the quad during this procedure!*
Make sure to insert these values. When setup correctly, test the board by arming and disarming.

## Install the correct toolchain

Download the latest and greatest from :

make sure the commandline options are added to the PATH variable.

Also make sure the FPU libraries can be found by the makefile.

The current toolchain directory structure the developers of this project use is:

/opt/arm/toolchain  *link to the toolchain directory*
/opt/arm/fpu        *link to the fpu libraries in the toolchain* toolchain/arm-none-eabi/lib/armv7e-m/fpu

## Building the software

Very simple just type 'make' (and press enter)

## Flashing the software
Enter 'make flash'

## Contact autors
When there are questions suggestions are even better patches.
You can contact us at :
paul [at] printf.nl